3 Simple Marketing Questions To Uncover Another Million In Your Marketing Campaign

Let’s talk about using new marketing strategy for your marketing in this post.  But before that, let me tell you a story.

Several days ago, I chatted with one of our office lady who is responsible for companies marketing.  I chatted to her because recently she was looking for someone to fill a job post about marketing.

Although my job has little relation to them, as I am studying and doing marketing myself, I ask her about the job.

“So, what is this post about?”

“This is a post about marketing, doing some marketing works and creating some new marketing ideas…”

I was interested at that point, so I asked: “Okay, so you need someone who can do some marketing works and creating some new marketing ideas for you, right?  Could you please tell me, what do you mean by new marketing ideas?”

“We need some new ways to generate new business.  And we need to do a lot of things.  For example, we need someone to do a facebook page for or eshop.  We need to create something for our customers.  We want to do some Facebook PPC, or SEO and SEM.  We also need to do some new campaign to get new customers…”

“Ok, I see.”  I replied, “But how did those existing marketing campaigns going?  Did you do follow-up with them?  Did you do newsletter or creating an offer, something like that?”

“Oh we did, but it doesn’t work quite well, and that’s why we need somebody to generate new ideas and new business for us.  Do you have any recommendation?”


So, to put it simple, all she wants is new marketing ideas to get customers.  However, she was looking at the wrong thing, which meas, most of the time you don’t need “Brand New Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies” to get customer and make money.  Rather, your big marketing success is often one tiny tweak of your copywriting, or one tiny change of your offer.

It is called “Leverage“, as Jay Abraham said, most of the time you don’t need new business idea to make big money.  In Jay’s marketing philosophy, there are 3 major ways to increate your business profit, without doing so much work.

  • Selling to as many “right” people as possible
  • Selling to your customer OFTEN
  • Selling a higher ticket item

Unfortunately, most marketing people just focus on the first one: Selling to as many people (they don’t even have the word “Right”) as possible.

That’s why they spend huge amount of money reaching as many people as possible, and as a result, it does not work as expected.

And according to Dan Kennedy, you need 3 things to have a successful marketing campaign.

  1. Who are you selling to (Target Market)
  2. What is your message?  Is it written TO them? (Message)
  3. Are you using the right channel? (Media)

If you just pay all your attention to #3 only, then you will soon find that you have already run out of “marketing strategies” as there are not so many “tricks” that you can do.  And most of the time, it is not your marketing campaigns that didn’t work, it is either #1, #2 and #3 not match together.

So, GO BACK to your old marketing campaign, review it one by one and test it with the 3 questions in the above.  You may discover million dollar campaign(s) sitting quietly in your hard-drive, or cabinet.

I hope you will find it useful.

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