Case Study: How to market your service by target marketing?

In this article you are about to see how to get a sale and make some money by using target marketing.

Notice that when I say target marketing, what I mean is to create a particular offer to a particular group of people, which means, it is not, and never will be, a “one size fit all” marketing.  Those kind of marketing assumed that, an offer should be generalize enough to meet as most people’s needs as possible, so that it can appeal to as many people as possible.

However, we all know that, people are different.  They have different needs, and it is not always true to have one thing that fits most people.

To illustrate this, here are several strategies that allow you to sell more to less, yet very targeted people, using “wedding photo package” as an example.  Although here I am using a wedding photo package, which is a service.  Same strategies could also be applied to other products and services.

The following strategies are mainly done through online.  However, it can also be done offline, using direct mail or yellow page ad.

  1. Build a list of people who are interested in taking wedding photos: You can use Pay Per Click services (Google Adwords or Facebook PPC) to drive traffic to your website.  And in your website, not only should you put your portfolio and sample photos (if any), you can also create a free report (in PDF format) to give some valuable information, for free, in exchange of their name and email address.  Those information may include: how to find a good wedding photographer?  What is the number one mistake couples often made when selecting wedding photographer etc.  You can also place an ad on other high volume wedding website to promote your PDF and build a list of prospects.  Those are your potential client.
  2. Create an offer, not a service:  Every wedding photographer provides similar service: taking wedding photographs.  However, normal people would not be able to tell which one is good, just by looking at your portfolio.  That is why you need to create and provide an offer, not just services.  For example, a 90 days money-back guarantee.  Same day email responses and support.  Free edit and retake etc.  A package that is different from other photographers.  It is how you are unique to other services provider.
  3. Ask your prospects what they need through survey or direct phone call:  This is very important.  One of the mistake that marketing people tend to make is to provide offer that “they” think people want.  However, often time it is quite different from what people really want, which usually surprise those “marketing” people.  To guarantee your marketing success, you are going to survey your prospects  and collect responses.  You can also provide a bonus free wedding consultation if they fill out your survey.  Once you collect their response.  The next step is simply response to them by provide what they need.

Hope these strategies will help you in understanding how to do your own marketing efficiently.  But we know that most of the time, your business is different and perhaps you may need some additional strategies.  If you need someone to help you to make more profit and free yourself from doing all tedious work and only focus on the work you like, simply drop me a line here, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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