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Genius Network Presents: Tony Robbins & Peter Diamandis

Genius Network founder: Joe Polish interviewed life coachTony Robbins and X Price founder Peter Diamandis. What you are going to learn: Why they do what they do, and the mindset behind their “success” What do they think about their “work”? How to handle failure, in a great way. I would really hope that this 51…

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111 Lessons Life Taught Us [Marc & Angel]

A real good post for summing up a list of inspiration notes about life: 111 Lessons Life Taught Us Just go there and read it all!

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Work and Life Balance For All Human Being

My friends Professor Judy Tsui has posted another topic about Work Life Balance on Facebook. Here is the post. If you are a workaholic focusing too much on your “career”, this would be the article that you need to read. Check it out.

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