Doing SEO on Yahoo

Although Google has dominated the search engine market, there are still a number of people who prefer using Yahoo as their main search engine.  So if you are doing SEO successfully in Google, you may want to switch your focus to Yahoo search engine.  In this article, you will learn some principles and two mistakes that should be avoided while doing SEO for Yahoo.

Fundamental Principles of Doing SEO for Yahoo Search Engine

Actually, the process of optimizing your website for Yahoo is very similar to Google.  After all, both Google and Yahoo are search engines and they are operated in a similar manner.

The first important thing is that you need to offer original and valuable content that is relevant to your target readers.  Search engine is all about finding and returning relevant content, it is therefore the most critical element you need to consider.

The next step is to include your targeted keyword in your blog post or article.  Cramming your keyword in your article is definitely not a good idea.  It is because both readers and search engine will not be able to understand your article clearly, and therefore they leave your site.  And of course your targeted keyword should also match what general users are searching for.  Otherwise they will not find your blog post or article.

Remember you have to deliver on the promise of your keyword.  That means your keywords should represent accurately the content you are writing.

The next principle is to put your targeted keyword in some key positions in the article.  For example, you can put your keyword in the title, heading and subheading, links, image and video tag.

If possible, you can link your website to other relevant website and vice versa.  The best way to accomplish this is to do link exchange.  Or you can write them a guest article and if they post it to their site, you get a link.

The Two Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Bad writing: search engines will penalize your website if your copy is difficult to read, or try to put a lot of irrelevant keywords at the bottom of the page, and have unnecessary links that link to other unrelated pages.  Again, having a right balance between targeted keywords and contents is crucial for SEO.

Invalid links: The objective of search engine is to provide the best user experiences for their users.  Broken links implies that this site is not maintained properly and will give bad experience to their users.  Therefore that website will get a lower ranking in order not to bother their users.

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