Email Marketing Strategy: Building Your Email List

Just like what I suggested to all the business owners, the single most important asset of a business is their customer database.  However, most of them don’t realize this fact and therefore leaving a lot of money on the table.  If you are a business owner and want to get start building a list, this article will help.  In this article you are going to find out two common but effective ways of attracting people to join your list, and have prospects know, like and trust you automatically through this list building “system”.

How to have people join your list

There are two common but effective way to attract people to join your list.  The first way is to do a guest post to other high volume traffic site.  To do so first you go to Google and type something like (your niche keyword) + site or (your niche keyword) + article.  You should get a list of site that related to your target market.  Go to all the sites in the first page and ask them if you can provide an unique article on their site in exchange of a link pointing back to your own site.  Provided that your article is unique and content is related to their site, usually they will say yes.  Then all you need to do is to have someone, or yourself, write and send an article to them contains your link.

The second method is posting to forum.  This is the so-called one of the “old/traditional” way of marketing online but it is extremely effective.  All you need to do is to go to Google, and search for (your niche keyword) + forum, then join those forum.  The next step is by asking relevant questions, or posting video/article link from other content site like YouTube or Ezinearticle regularly.  Remember, either at the end of each post or in your post signature, you should always append your web page link.

Create and Automate your “List Building” system

Here are the 3 steps list building system that can automate your list building process:

  1. Setting up a web page, or we called it “Squeeze”, “Landing” page, that the single most important objective is to collect people’s name and email address.  There is no other distraction element like “news” or other links that will distract your visitor’s attention.  By the way, the link in guest article and the post in forum should point to this page.
  2. Create an “offer” which can solve the single most biggest problem for your customers.  That can be a free report or a video and even software.  The key is that this “offer” should solve your customer’s problem immediately, or in a short time.  If you don’t know what it is, go to forum and see which question is often asked by other people.
  3. Finally, once a person opt-in to your email list, send an email once a day for 7 days.  Each email should either contain one tip related to the market or simply a link pointing to an article you wrote before.  You are strongly recommended not to sell anything at the first 2 – 3 email.  The purpose here is to provide value continuously to your prospects.

If you provide enough value, your prospects will feel it and reward it with business.

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