How many shoes do you have?

Or T-Shirt/dresses/Trouses/Hats do you have?

If you just have one head, one body, two legs, why bother buying so many T-shirts, shoes or other belongings?  All you need is just one set of shirts and trouses/dresses, right?

So why women/men are buying lots of shoes, putting it at home just in “some cases” they need it?

It is because it is not the shoes, or other accessories that matters, it is the emotions that bring from those shoes matters.

When we talk about emotions, it can be prestige, good looking, admirable, high level and so on.  Something that can make the person who wear it more comfortable.  In other words, wearing different shoes and dressing differently will make a person feel good, which means:

Your marketing message should always address the emotional side of people.

Remember: it is not the shoes, it is the emotion coming from the shoes, which also means: it is not the product that matters, it is the emotion that coming from the product matters.

If you are interested in how to write so that you can address the emotional side of people, here is the program you may find yourself interested in.

The above link is an affiliate link, which means if you buy from the link above, I will get a commission.  But to be honest I think this product will give you a better picture about how to write a copy that sell.  If you buy it, let me say: thank you.  If you don’t, it is still fine.

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