How to be an Advice Guru By Brendon Burchard

See it on YouTube at: How to be an Advice Guru?

Today Brendon Burchard, the author of Expert Academy, give a video on how to give advice as a Guru.  Not only is it worked for any business, but also it works for friends who need help or search for advice.

Here are some points mentioned in this video.  According to Brendon, there are 5 keys to offer great advice as a guru:

  1. Be present: You should be with them/be there.  Give full focus/energy to the person who needs your help.  Present is everything in any situation.
  2. Acknowledge and appreciate it:  This is how we should listen (the listening skills).  Listen how they really feel.  Do not try to discount it, or do not try to say: it’ll be ok, clam down, don’t act like that etc etc.  We should appreciate it because your friend decide to ask for YOUR help.
  3. Ask intelligent question: Ask question that let THEM understand their situation.  The key here is “THEM” but not “YOU”.   In other words, try not asking questions that let “You” understand the situation, but rather ask questions that let “Them” understand the whole situation, how do they really thing about xxx?
  4. Offer people the #1 thing they want from you: Surprisingly people DON’T want answer.  Probably at the time when they ask you, they have already done a lot of searching about their problem.  But rather give perspective/choice.  Say something like “Base on my experience, you can do xxx.  If you do this, this may happen.” Offer choice. Or sharing a story, and let them know that “They are not alone”.  Remember, they don’t want to get answer.  Offer perspective more.  Let them make their own choice.
  5. Tell them what to do: such as “Do this” or “take this action now”.  Give direction with CONFIDENCE.  Say something like “In my opinion, here is what you should do.”  Be directive.  Imagine a house is on fire, you are not giving prospective, you give action.

Hope you are learning something from this video.

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