How to build your own customer database?

No matter you are just getting start your business or having a business running for more then 10 years, a customer database is extremely important to your business. In this article you will find out how to conduct market research to find out what your prospects want, and how to build a list, or customer database, for your business. After reading this article, you will be easily and effective build your own customer list.

Conducting Market Research

First of all, you should always think market first before developing any product or service. Therefore, finding out what your target market really wants is extremely critical to your business success. You should discover your prospect’s biggest fear, frustration and problem they are facing right now, or find out what is the goal or objection your prospects have in common. Then you position your product or service as a solution to them. Given the intense competition in the world, you can still success by drilling down to a specific “niche” that you can position yourself as an expect, rather than competing with big companies which have a lot of resources that you don’t have.

There are different channels that you can make use of in order to conduct market research. For example, you can simply go online and search using Google or find online forums and discussion groups that related to your target niche. Or you can go to library and read some of the report that is published for specific industry. Another way is to find an expert and talk to them about their industry. Once you understand your target market, it is time to setup your lead capture page, or squeeze page, to capture leads.

How to build a list?

Compare to the old days when you should have technical knowledge to setup your website and saving your customer’s information, you don’t need it anymore today. By using online autoresponders like AWeber or GetResponse, setting up a web page and adding a fancy opt-in box is not difficult anymore.

The whole process will be like this. To start capturing prospect’s email, you should already have a lead capture page in place. This page is simply a web page that states your prospect’s current fear, problem or frustration and tells them that you have a solution. They will get this solution for free by filling in their name and email address. Once they enter their name and email address they will be able to get your solution.

Therefore, if you have a website, you are strongly recommended to add this form in every page on your website. Or you can put a link that points to your lead capture page in your website. Although it will be more effective if you have an exclusive domain for lead capture, it is ok to just add an opt-in form in your website also.

They key is that you should have an irresistible offer that people want in order to motivate your website visitors to join your list.

So now you know how to build your own customer list for your business. Remember before targeting your market, understand it first by conducting a market research. After that you will be able to create an offer and present it to your target market. To build a customer list you need to have an autoresponders service in place first. Then all you need to do is just putting the opt-in form in your website. So when you want to build your own customer database, you know what you need to do now.

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