How to do networking the right way

Key #1: in order to speed up, you mush slow down.  People would not care about how much you know, until they know how much you care.  In other words, we can’t just try to get a sale from our prospect without first knowing them.  Even though we want success at no time, we must take the time to cultivate the relationship with your prospect (your customer avatar) first.

Key #2: build our list: it is not the list build in aweber, but your own list of people you know.  Grow this people list and get referrals.  Then find a way to help them out.

Key #3: The kind of person you are is ultimately what will determine the kind of success you have.

A successful networker should be:

  • Hard worker: The person will get their network fire up and running.  They are “Working their network”.
  • Diligent: As Jim Rohn said: Those who expand their network and are successful at networking are those who care about their work enough to persevere. They are not the loudest, but those who are quietly going about their business. Like the ant that goes back and forth, over and over again, carrying his bounty back to the nest, the successful networker does his or her business diligently, knowing that if they have a good plan, and work that plan, they will see success come their way… even when it may not appear that way at first. This is diligence.
  • Prepared: Be prepared.
  • Sincere: Sometime we may try to “measure” the value of a person to see if we should “give” some time to create that network.  This is a bad attitude.  Remember: We are human first, networker second.  So in all of your dealings, be sincere, be genuine.  Get to know people and care about them, but not ask if they will buy from you.  It is our attitude: they are people, not prospect.  If people find out that you do not have sincerity, you will finally be faded out from business.
  • Friendly: People like doing business with friendly people.  Be friendly, people would want others to meet you.
  • Focus on other: To be successful in networking you need to be “other” focus.  People who meet other people’s needs are “in-demand” people. Be that kind of person and you will be fine in networking.
  • Inquisitive: Love to learn new things.  Sincerely curious about other people.
  • System oriented: Jim Rohn said: Develop a system that accomplishes the following things: enables you to track people, allows you to prepare for meetings and sales calls, helps you know exactly what to do while at your meetings, and helps you methodically follow up with people.

What to do before, during and after a meeting?

Networking is simple.  It just take discipline, which is why most people fail.

Large group meeting:

  • Before meeting: Decide your goal: For example, how many people you want to meet?  Your goals are yours and are determined by you.  Also prepare your elevator speech, which is to tell what you are doing in 30 seconds or less.
  • During meeting: Smile.  Be gregarious (in group).  Walk up to people and say: Hi, I am ____.  What’s yours?  when they follow up then say: what do you do?  Don’t try to close a deal.  You are there to network, not sell.  Ask for a card: “Hey, do you have a card I could have?  I would love to follow up with you.”.  Excuse yourself shortly, do not dominate person’s time, because they want to meet new people too.  After a few minutes say, “Well, I know you want to meet some new people today and I don’t want to take all your time so I will let you go. It was great meeting you. I’ll be sure to follow up.”.  Also be memorable, and take long-term approach.
  • After meeting: After a few days followup by phone.  4 – 5 days will be alright.

One-on-one meeting:

  • Before the meeting: Be prepared.  Prepared also to pay for the coffee bill.
  • During the meeting: Smile, be friendly, and engaging.  Take the first time to just ask question and know them.
  • After the meeting: Thank them for the time and referrals.  You can call them by phone, or send them a thank you card to them.

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