How to find your partner and make money tomorrow?

In the last article I talked about how to parter with other people to make more money by leveraging the power of comparative advantange.  However, even if you know it, you may have no idea on how to do it successfully and easily.  In this article you will find out how to find appropriate partners and start making money tomorrow easily and effectively.

What is the product you want to sell?

Before going out and finding other business owner, you need to know one thing: what kind of product should I sell together with my own product?  Once you know what other product you want to sell, finding business owner who owns that product becomes easy.

To find out the appropriate product that compliment with yours, you should think about: what other people will buy when they buy from you?  For example, if a couple buy a house from you, what are the other things they need after they bought their house?  How about insurance, furniture, electronic appliance, painting or air-conditioning?  List all the products that people will buy when they buy from you.  And that list of product is the compliment products that you want to sell with your main product.

How to do partnership?

Once you identify the products, the next step is to call those product owners and tell them something like this: I have a product that is a perfect match with the one that you have.  Can I partner with you so that my product and your product are combined in a package.  When someone buys this package, can you give me 20% of the sales price as my commission?

This is how things work and it is free money.  If this person don’t want to do it, find another one!  And you are not limited to only have 1 product in your package.  You can have more than one product and make it become the total solution to your buyers.  Possibilities are endless.

If you are drafting your offer right, chances are you will have increasing number of people becoming your customer.  The next step will be to collect their contact information (name, email, phone etc) and contact them frequently to build up relationship with them.  That kind of relationship will bring your great returns in the future.

Where to find those partners?

If you are still not sure where to find those partners, here are some places that you would like to go to:

  • Yellow Pages: both online and offline version of yellow pages helps because, companies that advertise on Yellowpages know the importance of marketing and partnership.  There are tons and tons of companies that are waiting for you to call them.
  • Local newspaper: the concept is similar to yellow page.  If people are marketing on newspaper, they have marketing budget and welcome any partnership opportunities that make money.
  • Events and seminars: those are good places where business people are building their network in those event and seminar.  Get to know them and find out what they need.  Chances are your product may be their answer.

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