How to get referrals for your business

If you were struggling with getting referrals to your business, you would need to read this article.  In this article, you will find out some tips on getting referrals, what is your attitude towards the people you are referred to and how to stay in touch with them effectively.  After reading this article, you would be able to start getting referrals to your business and make money, without spending too much on traditional advertising method.

Tips of getting referrals

Surprisingly, getting referrals is not as hard as you think.  All you need to do is “ask”, with right way.  Although it is common to ask for referrals at the end of the project, it is not the only rule.  Why not asking for referrals in the progress of the project, especially when you produce result?  One way to get referrals is to make suggestion on where your client can find names to refer you to.  For example, you can suggest if they have any golf club friends or fishing friends who may need your services.

However, remember that people you met by referring may not be your clients.  In other words, you are talking to people but not prospect, so keep in mind that you are just connecting with them and expand your network, which is also good for your business.

The core attitude when you meet a person

When your clients refer other people to your business, it means that they trust you and you will take good and ethical care to their friends.  So always be honest and not selfish.  It simply won’t work.  If a person focus only on himself and be very selfish and self-centered, this person will never get another chance of getting referrals.

How to stay in touch with referrals

The difficult part of keeping the relationship with other people is that, you need to connect with them while at the same time not bother them too much.  To accomplish this you can use email newsletter.  An email newsletter is probably one of the best ways to keep in touch with your people.  What you need to do is simply create an email sequence of about 4 – 5 emails, put it in an autoresponders service and schedule it to be sent after certain days.  Remember not to spam your list, and provide a way to allow them to opt-out from your list.

Now that you have some ideas on how to get referrals the right way.  First of all, you can simply get referrals by asking your clients if they can refer you to other parties, and respect the people you met even if they don’t buy from you.  Another thing is to be honest and not selfish.  Selfishness will only eliminate opportunities to get further connection.   At last, stay connected with your people through email newsletter can also be very effective.  So next time when you need more business, you can ask for referrals with these techniques.

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