How to guarantee your marketing success?

In software programming, there is a strategy that make the creation and running of the program very fast, almost error-free and always match what user expects.  This is called Test-Driven Development.  It simply means, you start programming by NOT writing the program first, but to write the test first.

Now, all you need to do is to write your program so as to pass the test.  Since the test is usually driven by user, if your code passes the test, it also means that it fulfills user’s requirements.

In other words, if you want to know whether your program successfully works or not, do a test!  If you fail the test, it’s fine.  You just need to rewrite your program to test it again.

So, how does it related to guarantee marketing success?  It is simple.  You just need to test it.

Normally marketing people create an ad campaign or email broadcast by subjective judgement.  They “think” that something will work, so they put most of the effort on the campaign, writing copies, design the email or poster, and “hope” that it will work.  And as you may know, your market will seldom response to “hope”.

So in order to guarantee your marketing success, you need to do a test.  You do a test by picking up just certain number of people, send them an email or direct mail, and collect their response.

Or, you simply send them a survey and ask: what is your biggest struggle you have?

Either way, you would get some responses, and now all you need to do is simply RESPONSE to these feedback, and create an offer based on it.  So that you will now know that you have a winner offer, without “guessing”.

Once you complete a test and revise your offer, you simply roll it out big.

This is the proven formula and a guarantee way to have a marketing success.

I learn this strategy, together with a lot of other marketing strategies, from a master of marketing Jay Abraham.  If you want to know more about his philosophy, go ahead and click the link and read his stuff.  You will learn a lot.

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