How To Market a Website By Writing Articles

In this article you will discover one of the most effective and no-cost way of marketing your website.  This is article writing.  Here you will find three ways to make the most use of your article.  First, you need to provide high quality and well-researched, unique content.  Secondly, update your website regularly with your latest article.  Finally, you distribute your articles to popular article directories.  After reading this article, you should be able to start getting traffic to your website by writing and distributing articles.

High quality, unique article

It is annoying if you are doing research on the Internet and find that there are a lot of articles that are both duplicated with other website and difficult to understand.  Therefore you need to provide some useful information that is optimized to certain keywords, both for a search engine and human to read.  However, most people cannot come up with useful information when they want to write article.  Here is the solution: when you try to solve a problem but you do not know how to solve it, you can go to Yahoo answer or other online forums and see if someone has already known how to solve it.  Based on the answer you got you can now write an article about it.  Therefore, if your website content can solve people’s problem to certain extend, they will love to visit your site frequently.

Update your website regularly

If you have a content rich website, you will have better chances to be found on the Internet.  Since a lot of search queries from a search engine are one-off query, which means that people are looking for immediate information.  So when you are choosing keywords, think strategically and include words that are frequently searched by users.  Your website will be shown in various search queries when you do that correctly.  Moreover, please add one unique article to your website at least one a week, preferably two.  It will be ideal for a search engine to crawl your website.

Submit to article directories

One of the reasons why you should submit your article is that you can get a link pointing to your website.  This can allow your site to rank higher in search engine result.  Remember you have to make sure that your article is useful, interesting and unique.  Some article directories require that your article should be unique to the Internet, while other sites allow you to have a copy on your website only, and a copy in the article directory.  No matter how you are doing it, you need to add a link to your website in the author box.  So that when there are websites re-publish your article from that article directory, you get another link to your website.

Although the benefit of submitting your article is obvious, the process of doing it is very time-consuming.  If you do not have time to do so, you can always find other people to do that for you.

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