How To Run An Effective PPC Campaign?

In this article you will discover three important elements that most business owners fail to do it correctly when comes to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.  Firstly, the keywords they used are not target and relevant enough while running the PPC ads.  Secondly, their landing page is not designed specified for PPC campaign.  At last but not the least, they are not testing their campaign continuously.  So after reading this article you should be able to avoid these problems and lower your PPC cost, while at the same time having the same, or more people clicking and responding your ads.

Right Keywords

One of the problem business owners have is that they are using wrong keywords.  They trend to target as many prospects as possible in one single campaign.  This is one of the reasons why they are paying high cost per click.  To avoid this problem, the best way is to bid on a keyword that is extremely closed to the content of the landing page.  If your product is a book talking about gardening, you are suggested to target keyword like “gardening book” instead of just “book”.  In other words, if you have multiple products, you need to have multiple landing page and multiple sets of keywords.

Not only can a right keyword drive targeted traffic, but also it can increase the number of people responding to your offer and make some sales.  It is because you are targeting what they really want.

Once you have keywords right, the next step is to have a correctly designed landing page.

Clear and Distraction-Free landing page

When someone arrives your landing page, they should know what they have to do immediately.  So if your landing page is to collect people’s contact information, do not put other distractions like “dime sales” or “discount coupon” at the same time in the page.  Moreover, make it clear and precise on what you want them to do is also important.  One of the problem business owners are making is that they drive their PPC traffic to their main website.  That is not a good practice because most of these websites have many distractions and visitors are not sure what they need to do.  Don’t drive people to your website just for their browsing purpose.  Collecting their information and follow up with them instead.

Testing PPC ad

Another big mistake business owners are making is that they don’t test their PPC campaigns.    They never know if they can double their responses and sales by just changing one sentence or even re-phrase it.  And since they are failed to do so, they miss a lot of opportunities to double or triple their businesses.  One thing they can test is their ad copy.  It is important because it allows you to find out what kind of content your visitors will and will not response to.  Another element is landing page, simply by changing your headline will produce great return for your business.  So it is vitally important to test and optimize your PPC ads continuously.

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