How to sell anything easily?

Let’s answer this question by telling a story:

Let’s say there are two persons.  Person A and B.

Person A just has his lunch and on his way back to office.  He is fully and cannot take any more food.  And when he passes a fast food restaurant and see the ad “Big delicious hamburger”, he simply moves on, because he is full!

Person B just finishes his work and feel very hungry, to the extent that he can put anything in his mouth and say “delicious!”.  Now he see a fast-food restaurant and see the same ad “Big delicious hamburger”.  What will he do?  No doubt he will go inside, and buy not one, but TWO “Big delicious hamburger”!

Here is the question: Why these two persons have such a different reaction?  Is it the Ad? Or is it the location of the restaurant?  Or is it the food?

No at all!  It’s simply because one is hungry and another is not!

So in order to make your marketing “work” every single time, you simply sell it to “the hungry person!”.

In other words, rather than starting with a product and a marketing campaign, you start with a “starving crowd” (as Gary Halbert said), which means you start by asking: Are there any group of people who are in need of something but their needs are not meet?

How to find that?  Here is a free course that tell you exactly how to do it.

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