How to take over any niche in 10 Days (or less) By Anik Singal

Anik Singal, founder of Empire Formula, released another video blog on his blog: Empire Formula In Your Underwear

Ok, actually what he means is that you can quickly and easily dominate any target market in a very short time.  I listen it today and make some notes, so I try to sum up those key points and share it to you here.

Here is the formula to dominate any niche in 10 days or less, even if you do not have any experience on those niche:

First of all the mindset: Business is all about relationship.  It is who you know, rather then what you know, that is important.  Any business, especially if you are in online business, generally you need these 4 things to survive:

  • Get a product fast
  • Snow ball launching a product
  • Your List
  • Your quality customer

The very first thing to get start is to do “Networking“.  As presented in the video by Anik Singal, Networking is the key to your business (no matter you are in online business or offline business).  And therefore, networking builds relationship.

However, when you heard about networking, you may immediately say something like “I’m not a networking person”.  But when we talk about “Networking” here, it is not about proactively approach and talk to any stranger and hopfully get somebody to buy our product.  And you probably don’t need to do that!  Here Anik gave me some steps from start building the relationship from scratch to build the “Expert Magnet Product“, called by Anik.

Here is the steps to start networking:

  1. Find and join 3 top forums in Google.  Search in Google like: <your keyword> + forum.  See what results coming up and find 3 forum sites that has the most people actively participated there.  Or you can go to Big Boards to do your search.
  2. Getting active on the forum: Introduce yourself and actively participate in the forum.  Try to post 10 – 15 posts per day but don’t spam.  If you do not know how to contribute or answer the post, you can ask good questions.  Good question has the same quality as good answer.
  3. Stay active for a few day
  4. Identify 3 – 5 “figure head”, who you think are the most talent/knowledgable people or pick the person with high reputation in the forum.  Send a PM (Private Message) to them and ask “What you can do for them?”.  Treat them like friends.  Make them feel good and compliment to them by fulfilling what they want.  If you don’t know what they want, try to read their post and sometimes they will ask questions.  You just need to pick up 3 – 5 people and nurturing those relationship.  Remember, here it is all about them.  After that you may start asking them if they can give you their Skype or email.
  5. Start communicating with them outsite forum, with Skype or email you got in last step.

Here is the way to build your Expert Magnet Product:

  1. Pick up your niche
  2. Think of a sub niche from that niche, and start building a “Customer Avatar” from that niche.
  3. Pick 6 – 8 experts/friends you make in the networking step.
  4. Create 10 questions, or find 10 questions which are mostly asked by other people.
  5. Interviewing those experts and asking those questions.  Recording the audio using Skype or
  6. Complied the audio and transcripe it using transcription service like
  7. Finally, ask those experts if they have any good product(s) to give away to your customer. (Which can be used as bonus to your customer!)

So now you have a content-rich, multimedia product with bonus.  Your sales page can be drafted from your questions so that should not be a problem.

If you want to find out more about it you can always go to check out the video.  And please let me know what do you think about the video here.

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