Lead Generation – How To Get New Customers?

Lead generation is a marketing term, which simply means to get new prospects and turning them into customers.  However, the way to do that is very different from the “traditional” way of marketing, which works something like this

  • Find a mass media, like yellow page, newspaper, billboard, radio, website banner or email list
  • Create an ads, or “Creative”, and send it to mass media
  • Hope somebody will come by seeing the ads
  • Rinse and repeat

This is a kind of “hope” marketing that, business owner “hopes” that their ads work and make them a lot of money.  But there are some big problems here.

The problems on “traditional” marketing

One of the main problems is that this kind of marketing is not really measurable and effective.  Business owners just want to create an ads, put it to different media and “hope” that one of the media will work.  If luckily one of these is working, they continue to put ads on it.  If none of it works, they will complaint and say: my business is so special that none of these marketing methods work.

According to Dan Kennedy, there are three parts in marketing: Message, Market and Media.  But most business owners only focus on the last one, which is “Media”, and they lower their price to compete within the market.  They seldom pay attention to what they offer (Message) and they also don’t quite understand who are their buyers (Market).  That’s the reason why most of the business fails, even if they got the best product that solve all the problems in the world.

The Marketing Solution to Business Owners

If you have already had a business, or you are expert in something but don’t know how to get customers and make money out of it, here are a three steps formula for you:

  • Know your market: think about who is your ideal customers.  Remember not all people are your customers.  That is contradicted to traditional marketing concept that: put your name out there and somebody will come.  The way to know your market is to find out who is your ideal customers.  For example, if you are a diet book author, your ideal customer could be the one who has over 200 pounds women, getting married and over 40, with 2 children.  This women needs to go to hospital sometimes because she have heart problem etc.  By clearly defining your target, ideal customer, you can draft your marketing message, or offer, to those kind of people who will most likely response, and get rid of those who are slim enough but just want to lose the last 2 pounds.
  • Write your message: your message should be “directed” to the people you defined in previous step.  Now because you have already know who you are talking to, writing a copy should not be too difficult.  All you need to know is to find out what burning problems your ideal customers have, and create an offer that solves those problems.  No matter which business you are in, your offer should also answer this question: why should I do business with you but not others?  Answering this question properly can boost your business profit in a very short period of time
  • Choose the right media: the final step is to select a channel to spread your words.  If you already know what customers you are targeting to, you may know where they are already.  Surprisingly your customers may not read business section on newspaper, listen to radio at night or browsing online forum all day long.  So you may need to know what magazine they are subscribing, or places they may go in order to get maximum exposure to your target customers.  Try different medias and test which one get the best result.  For example, you can use direct mass mailing or rent a list and do an email broadcast.  Possibilities are endless.

I hope that these suggestion can help you to find new customers, and correcting the way you used to do marketing for your company.

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