Marketing Strategies For All Businesses

Promoting your business to the whole world, especially to the people you want to sell stuff to, is not as hard as you think.

Just like what Frank Kern said, marketing is a three steps process: Identify market, getting leads and converting leads.  And within these simple 3 steps process, according to Jay Abraham, you have only three ways to make money out of your business: getting more customers, have existing customers buying from you more frequently, and selling high price stuff to existing customers.

With that said, how to form your marketing strategies to maximize and optimize the outcome of your business is very critical.  And you are going to see how to do all the above easily and effectively.

In the following explanation I assume that you have already had a market that you are selling your stuff already.

Getting Leads

Getting leads, or prospects, is not as hard as you think.  In order to have people raising their hands and become your prospects, you need to come up with something that can help the people in your market.  It can be a free ebook, free recorded message, free discount coupon or free video series.  You put those free stuff on your website in exchange of their name and email address.  People who subscribe to your website is a snap-shot of your target market.  By frequently communicate with your subscriber, you will build up your reputation in a short time within your market.  You are also seen as an expert in your niche very quickly.

Converting leads

Converting leads simply means to sell something to your prospects and make them your customers.  The underlining concept is that, people will follow instructions to who they trust.  If they believe in you, they will do anything you want them to do.  That is also a reason why you need to communicate with your prospects frequently.  You are leveraging your good-will, your creditability in your prospect’s mind.  If they already know you and trust you, chances are (and they are likely) that they will buy from you.  This is the way to make money from your business.

Advance marketing strategies

To further leveraging the above strategies, here are three ways to get maximum result out of your business

  1. Getting more customers: Probably this is the strategies that most business owner are doing.  The most common strategies are TV ads, radio ads, Yellow page, classified ads, email list broadcast or using direct mail.  However, business owners may unaware that, the cost of getting a new customer is much more higher than selling to existing customers.  That’s why you are strongly suggested to use the next two strategies.
  2. Selling to existing customers frequently: Having your existing customers to buy from you again and again is considered much easier than getting new customer.  Unfortunately not many business owners aware of this fact.  They have a bunch of invoices, with name, address, phone and email, sitting in their file cabinet and do nothing.  This is also the gold mine and hidden assets that most business overlooked.  And if they pay slight attention to that they will easily get 25% – 50% returns on average, without spending an additional amount on advertising.
  3. Selling high price items to existing customer: this is similar to the second point but you are now selling high ticket item to your existing customers.  This is considered much easier than selling to people who are first time buyer and don’t know anything about you because they already buy from you and they already trust you.  You simply need to send them an email and tell them about your offer.  No fancy website, graphics and animation, just a plain text, irresistible offer.

I hope that the above marketing strategies can help you to boost your profit level and help your business.  Please comment below and let me know what you think!

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