Mother’s day…

Today is mother’s day.  And you may already plan to have a dinner with her, or buying a present to her.  Everything you do to you mother today is totally for her sake, just because you want to show how thankful you are to have a nice mother like her.

She nurture you, teach you, help you , love you.  Since she gave so much in your life, you are going to take good care of her, love her, do everything for her.  Frankly speaking, if you love your mother so much like I do, you will always do everything for her, no matter it is a mother’s day or not.

Now, ask yourself, if your mother has done so many things that you thanks her so much, what if you apply the same attitude to your client?

I am not really saying that you treat your client like your mother, although it may be great, it may also be a little too much.

What I mean is: if your client gives you money for your service, and you treat your client like the one who nurture you, help you, would that be helpful to your business?  I think so.

You love your client by doing what you can do in order to help him and his business, and in return, you may get the same, or even more things from him.  It may be money or referrals, either way you are either become rich or have more clients.

And all you need to do, is to love him, and do whatever you can to him.

Now, I learn the idea of loving your client from master of Marketing: Jay Abraham.  In his resource vault, you may find a lot of him insight and strategy about how to do good marketing by treating your customer well.

This is NOT an affiliate link, I do not gain anything from sharing this.  But I really want you to take a look at it.

See you next time.

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