Process log of my new program

In the last 3 weeks I have created a new program that help IT and project managers to learn how to talk to their programmers so that they can get their job done.

Since I am a programmer, and I know that a lot of managers, project executives with little or no prior IT experience found that it is difficult to talk to their programmer, simply because they don’t know how to!

My target market:

Project managers/executive/junior project managers who need to manage a project but doesn’t know how to.  They want to get their job done in a tight deadline but in the past their IT projects failed.

How I do my research?

First I go to Amazon and see if any similar product is there.  And luckly I found some.  Most of them are talking about “Scrum“, a software development strategy.

Once identify the market and market existences, I start creating my product.

How I create my product?

First I create a mind map about what should be included in this product.  Based on my experience, I follow the 4 learning quantants: Why, What, How, What if to construct the program.

  • Why: Why it is important and why traditional mindset did not work.
  • What: What to do to talk to programmers.
  • How: How to talk to them so that they understand
  • What if: What is the feedback they give you after implement that strategy.

Then I record a video on all 4 slides shows in MP4 format.

I turn all MP4 to MP3 to create an audio formats.

Turn the slide show into PDF.

And now I got: Videos, Audios, PDF

Additional stuff

Based on the content of the program, I create a “Cheat sheet” about the questions that I did in the program, as another bonus materials.


  • I did not come up with a good product name even after creating a product.
  • I struggled quite some time on how should I formulate my product.  i.e. how should my customers consume this product?  Is it by EBook, by video or other things?
  • Research: I am not sure if it is a good market.

Fortunately, I have my mentor Alex Jeffery to answer all the questions I have, and now I am going to create a website to sell it.

Since I am a programmer, I hope that would be simple for that.

Will update the process of creating website and how to drive traffic to my page.

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