Simply Work – Big Income From Small Launch

Anik Signal just releases another video about his Empire Formula which is called Snow ball launch.

To put it simple, this is the exact formula that Anik use to build his million dollar business.  And now you can watch it completely free.

In my opinion, not only will it work for internet marketers, but also it will work for all big and small business, only when you are using it correctly.

The key concept here is:

  1. You drive some traffic to your offer (Will talk about how to drive traffic later)
  2. Test if it converts to your customer
  3. When you get good result, represented by high EPC (Earning Per Click, will talk about it later also), you can start finding your affiliate.
  4. Get one affiliate to promote for you.  Since you have high EPC, your affiliate will get good result.  Then quickly your offer will get viral and attract different partners.

How to drive traffic to your offer

So first of all you need to drive traffic to your offer.  The question about it has already been asked so many times in Internet Marketing Industry (and I think it will continue).  However, the key concept is simple: to expose your offer/message to as many people as possible.  In other words, what you will do is to find a crowd of people and show your offer to them.

Then the question will become: where can I find that “Crowd”?

Here are some ideas about certain traffic source, based on quality:

  1. Forum marketing (There are ten of thousands of people browsing forum everyday)
  2. Article makreting, press release etc.
  3. Buy solo ads place from high traffic website (will involve some money, but probably the fastest and easiest traffic you can get)
  4. PPC (Pay per click, will involve some money)
  5. Social media (Popoular one like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc).
  6. Banner ads (May not be the best kind of traffic)

For your information, according to Frank Kern, the best traffic source are

  1. Syndicate traffic
  2. Endorsed Traffic – Traffic from partners
  3. PPC
  4. SEO
  5. Social Media

Now you know how to get traffic, here is what you should do next:  To TEST everything and improve your Offer/Squeeze page/sales page and so on.  The key here is TEST and get the best result from your offer.

You get the result by tracking.  According to the video from Anik, let say you have 100 visitors and make 2 sales, your conversion rate:

Conversion: Sales/Visitors = 2/100 = 2%

But we don’t know if this coversion rate is good or not, it depends on the market you are selling to.

Just using conversion is not very persuasive to your potential partner.  So you should use another number which is called EPC or Earning Per Click.

Here is how EPC is calculated:

Let’s say you paid 50% commission.  In the example above you make 2 sales for 50@:

Sales: 2 x $50 = $100

Commission: $100 x 50% = $50

Commission/Visitors = $50/100 = $0.5 per click.

In other words, you can say: we have an offer that earn $0.5 per click from visitors.  It is much more compling and powerful.

Your goal here is to drive up your EPC as much as possible.  But how high is high?  It depends, but you can consult your friends and other marketers and get some comments on it.

About Affiliate

When you have good result from your offer, your next step will be approaching a partner.  You can present to your friend who is involved in your target market your offer and the result.  If he/she is also the person who gives you advice on how to improve your offer in the previous step, he/she may be your first affiliate!

All you need to do here is just get your first affiliate.  If you make your first affiliate happy, they will help you spread the word and attract more people to come to be your affiliate.

According to Anik: First impression is EVERYTHING.  In other words, do not approach any affiliate unless you got good result.

If you fail in the first phrase of testing, don’t give up. You can ask maximum 3 friends for help and let them tell you what should be improved so that you can get good result.

Never start with affiliate, start from free/paid traffic first.

Then get 1 person to promote for you.

Ask for referral from that person, and tell the referred person about the EPC your affiliate created.


I hope it can give you some ideas on making big income from small product launch.  If you want to see the video from Anik, here is the link.

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