Three Effective Online and Offline Promotion Methods To Attract Customers

In this article you will discover three methods that business can use to get more customers, in a cost efficient yet powerful way.  If business owners are struggling about getting new customers, but they don’t know what is the best way to do that, this article will help them.  Firstly, we will talk about using classified ads effectively to get both search engine ranking and buyers.  Secondly we will talk about sending postcard to your prospects.  Finally, you are suggested to write some articles and publish it to your website or other article website to gain publicity.  It is probably the most effective and free method business can use.

Using classified ads to drive buyers

If you are first starting your business and don’t know by other people, one of the effective way to have people noticed you is using classified ads.  It is especially true if you are posting classified ads online.  It is because your search engine ranking will be slightly improved simply by having an online classified ad and linking it to your website.  Moreover, visitors who browse classified ads usually have needs to be fulfilled, and they are ready to pay money for it.  If you have an attractive offer that can fulfill this need with your classified ads, you will have a customer.

Therefore, your classified ads should not be for branding purpose.  That means you have an offer written in the classified ads that people can response to.  That is called “Direct Response Advertising” and it is very effective for both online and offline advertising.

The principle of direct response advertising is also useful on postcard.

Using postcard to get customers

While sending postcard is not a very exciting “new” advertising method, using it correctly can turn an average business to an extremely profitable business, no matter what marketing condition you are in.

Most business owners are using high quality printing material, fancy photo and design on their postcard to promote their business.  But it is not correct.  In reverse, your card need to be simple in design and contains an offer that people can response to it directly. Thinking of a headline and printing it in black color on a white postcard are enough.  People pay attention to the message and offer you are having on your postcard, but not the design.  A good offer can get sales, but a good design cannot.  So please remember to switch your focus to your offer instead of fancy new design.

Publish article on website

This is probably the most cost effective and efficient way to get people to response to you.  Although this method is mainly applied to online website, it is also useful when your article is published to a magazine as it can build up your expert status.  The key to get customers is providing useful content and educating your visitors.  If you want your visitors to trust you, it is important not to write articles in a sales voice.  Moreover, presenting to readers your information in terms of story will also help prospects to understand more about you.  This gives your visitors a perception that you are the “go-to” person on a particular topic.

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