Three Mistakes Business Are Making On Their Website

In this article you will discover three important but overlooked points regards to your website. Firstly, we are going to talk about how website loading speed will affect your search ranking. Secondly, you will discover why uncomfortable web design and missing content update plan will drive down your search ranking also. Finally, if you are a person who wants to do everything for yourself, maybe you are wasting your time by “reinventing the wheel” now. If you are not paying attention to those elements, chances are you have already lost a lot of money.

Do Not Optimize Your Site

Google, the leading search engine giant, has already admitted that your ranking will be badly affected if your website loading speed is slow. In other words, given that your competitors and you are serving the same industry, website that loads faster will rank higher.

But what does it mean by “slow”? It simply means that the loading time is not humanly acceptable. Site loaded within one to three seconds are said to be “ok”. But if your website takes one minute or more for visitors to see your content, you should make your site “load faster”.

Moreover, faster speed means more sales. According to a study performed in 2007, Amazon showed that if a website spend an additional 0.1 second to load, the sales dropped by one percent. In other words, if you are having good sales number at this moment, you are strongly recommended to optimize your website to make it loaded faster.

No Web Design and Content Update Plan

It is important to have an easy to use, simple and intuitive web interface for visitors to use. In addition to the fact that clear web design can give good user experiences to visitors, a well-organized structure will help in search engine ranking also. It is because search engine is able to understand how your website is structured.

Once you designed your website, the next task is to have a content update plan. It simply means to have a schedule about updating your website with original, industry-related content. Search engine now trends to give high ranking on newly created and unique content. So updating your content regularly will attract visitors to your website.

Reinvent The Wheel

This is probably the most important and costly mistake business are making. The point is, building website on your own from scratch may cost you a lot of time and effort. And time is money. If your team is developing something that someone has already been done, do you think that using a Content Management System (CMS) will save your time and money?

CMS technology is growing mature continuously. The functions and expectation from a CMS is already well defined and largely adopted by most of the website in the world. Furthermore, most CMS systems support using plugins or modules to extend the functionality of CMS. If you want certain functions, chances are those functions are already developed by someone. Unless you are really interested in programming, outsource it to other programming experts could be a way to go. Remember your time is valuable. So do not misuse your time on things that do not produce result directly.

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