Tips for Mobile Website for Mobile Marketing

If you are thinking about marketing through mobile website but you don’t know how to do it, this article may give you a new direction and a new guideline for your reference.  In this article, you will find out why a mobile website is necessary for your business.  Then we introduce a method that allows your visitor to go to your website without typing anything.  Finally, you will learn one of the most smartest way of leveraging your mobile-compatible website.  After reading this article, you should be able to incorporate these strategies into your overall mobile marketing strategy.

Don’t bother your visitors, redirect them!

Most of the time when a mobile-compatiable website is built and launched, and when people use their mobile device trying to read their website, they are still looking at their old, desktop website instead of reading the new one.  It is because those visitors have to type the mobile address website.

However, if they do not know your website in advance, how do they come and see your website?  To solve this problem business owners should have a script that can redirect their normal website visitors to their mobile website.  So when user type in, they will be redirected to other URL that hosts your mobile site.  The key point here is that, you don’t need your visitors to manually type your website address, so that they can consume your information through mobile without any problem.

Using QR code

QR code is a small square, black and white only icon that contains information.  Those information can be in any format: a URL, a plain text, or your contact information.  The more information you put to QR code, the larger the QR code size is.

So how do you use QR code to help your mobile website visitor?  You simply convert your mobile site URL to QR code!  By doing so your visitors just need to scan your QR code and immediately they will be redirected to your website.

To promote your mobile website, all you need to do is to put this on your main, desktop website, on your banner ad, newspaper ad or even on coupon!  The purpose is to allow visitors to easily find, scan and read the website, without typing anything.

Build your customer list

The biggest asset of your business is not your computer or your brand name, it is the customer list.  That list contains your customers contact information included, but not limited to name, email address or phone number.

Together with the mobile website, you are now having a lead generating machine for your business.  You simply need to offer some free stuff such as free discount, coupons or information like free report, in exchange for visitors contact information.

After doing it for a period of time you will have a list of prospects who you can sell something to.  Since they are giving their contact information, it means that they are interested in your offer.  So you simply contact them, telling how you appreciate their support, and give them your offer.

By now you should be able to create your own mobile marketing strategy by using the above 3 points.  First of all, you need a mobile website and redirect your visitors to that website if they are browsing from their mobile device.  Second, to help people discovering your mobile website, using QR code is one of the best way without giving your visitors too much problem.  Finally, build your email list through mobile to establish your long term business assets.  I hope that this article can help you to be more clear on your mobile marketing strategy.

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