What Are The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking?

In this article we are going to talk about what is social bookmarking and why business owners should include this into their overall online marketing strategy.  First of all we will briefly discuss about what is it, and then we will talk about the benefit it can bring to business.  After reading this article, you are strongly recommended to use this strategy to promote your website.

What is social bookmarking and why is it important?

Social bookmarking service helps users to collect and share their favorite websites online.  This is very similar to the “My favorite” function, which will save your favorite websites, in your computer.  The key difference is that your favorite websites will be saved online, instead of being saved in your computer.

Because of this service, users do not have to bring their computer along with them or be afraid of losing those websites when their computer has problem.  Those websites are stored online and can be accessed when they login to the social bookmarking website.

The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

Here are some benefits of bookmarking websites openly by other users:

It shares information about website to other people, including what this website is about and what they think about it.  It also includes information about what other websites are similar to this one.  If someone wants to know what kind of websites they should go when he wants to find certain information, social bookmarking site will be a good starting point.

Another benefit is that it allows people to share their favorite websites.  In other words, they can share their favorite website to their friends, family, or other people with the same interests. There are often times when you cannot find good information from search engine.  In this situation you can search on those sites and see who has the information you want.

Finally, social bookmarking sites can save people a lot of time and effort of finding, organizing and sharing websites.  From a marketing points of view, bookmarking your website is also an easy and free way of getting traffic.

The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking, from Marketing Points Of View

The immediate benefit of bookmarking your website is that you are having a link pointing to your website.  Some of those social bookmarking websites have very high authority, which means that those sites are trusted by a lot of people.  A link from those sites is very powerful in order to get a high ranking.

The other obvious benefit is getting traffic.  It is especially true for well-known bookmarking website.  There are times when someone bookmarks a website, a lot of people suddenly surge to that site and therefore that site cannot handle such a large volume of traffic.  Provided that you have good and interesting information, it is not difficult to get immediate traffic.

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