What is Google Places and How It Helps Your Business

If you are considering about having your business listed in Google page one without doing time consuming, traditional SEO, you may want to read this article.  In this article you will find out what is Google places, how Google places work and how to get a listing on Google places to get more customers for your business.  After reading this article, you will be able to start listing your business on Google and get your business on page one of search result.

What is Google Places?

Google places, known as Google local business center, is a feature provided by Google to help business being listed on their search engine.  This is designed for people who want to search for something related to their living country.  However, even if this feature has been released for quite some time, plenty of small businesses do not know about it and did not take any advantage from these Google places.  As a result, they leave a good amount of money on the table just because their customers cannot find them in search engine.

How Google Places Works?

If you are using Google for quite sometime, you may already find out that if you are searching for something related to local result, like marketing consultant or hair salon, you will be presented a small map with a red mark that show the position of those service providers.

The key element is that, most search results about local business are listed on the top of the result page.   In other words, business will be shown first, and then relevant search result comes after business listing.  Given the nature of Google places, a business can boost their presence online just by listing on Google.

How to be listed on Google Places

It is super easy and free to be listed on Google Places.  First of all, you need to provide your company contact information, such as address, phone number and office hour.   Your information should be as details as possible.  Then you should upload your logo or image for your company.  If you have customers giving comments on your service before, try to put it on your company review.  At last, you are strongly suggested to put an online coupon for your company so that, your visitors can get some benefits from you right away.

Google place is a new way to have customers find you on the Internet.  When people are searching through Google, your business may be shown at the top of the search result page, prior to any other search result.  It is also very easy to list your company on Google places.  All you need to do is to provide your company information in details to Google and they will take care of the rest.  So if you want your business findable on the Internet in an easy and free way, try Google places.

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