What is Unique Selling Proposition and How To Create One?

If you are going to start having your own business but you don’t know where to start, you may need to read this article.  Every business needs something special that can appeal to their customers.  A unique selling proposition, or USP, is the thing that you need to “Stand out from the crowd”.   In this article you will understand what is USP, why it is important and how to create a USP.  After reading this article you will be able to create your own USP and start your business from that.

What is USP?

USP is an acronym for “Unique Selling Proposition”.  Like what you read before, every business, product or service needs to have a USP to operate.  To find a USP, the most important question that needs to be answered is this:

Why should I buy from you but not others?

If you can answer this question properly, your USP is almost ready.  To further clarifying your USP, answer this question:

What can you offer your customer that your competitors cannot or would not offer to their customer?

Why USP is important?

USP is important because successfully identifying and communicating USP to your customers can greatly increase your chance of business survival and profitability.  Being unique means that you can stand out from other competitors easily.   And being able to stand out will help you persuade your prospects to buy from you but not others, that means more sales and more profit.  To find out about what your USP is, there are 5 questions you should think about in order to create your own USP.

Answering these five questions to create your USP

Finding out your own USP is not only important but essence for your business.  Here are 5 questions that you should think about when creating your USP:

  1. What you are selling?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What are there fear and frustration?
  4. How can your product or service help them out of their trouble, while other competitors don’t?
  5. Why they should buy from you?

Your answer would be greatly depended on how well your USP is defined, and you will also be able to understand your business much better.

To conclude, a USP, or unique selling proposition, is important for every business, and successfully identifying and communicate your USP to your customer can greatly increase both your sales and profit.  To create a USP, answers the 5 USP questions above so that you can understand your business better.  Now that you understand the principles and you can put these technique to use and start generating sales and profit.

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