What is Value? How do you add more value to your customer?

If you are struggling, and even irritated by this phrase: add (more) value to your customer, you should continue reading this.

Often time, a lot of marketer will say something similar to this:

You should add more value to your customers so that they will treasure you and look at you like a hero.

While there is nothing wrong with “add value”, the next question is usually: ok, how do I add value?

This question struggle more for quite some time.  It is because “adding more value” is a very ambiguous idea.  How do I add value t to customer?  What does it mean by adding more value?

Most markets will assume that you already know and should be “astonished” by this idea.  But a lot of time we don’t.  We know that we need to “add more value”, but how?

To understand how to add more value to customer, at first you need to know “what is value?”

What is Value?

In plain English, “value” means something that is useful/helpful/problem-solving/block-kicking things/ideas/techniques/tools that help customers.

If you think that one thing is very “valuable” but your customer don’t, it is not a value.  If your customer thinks that something helps them to solve their problem, even if you know that this “something” is worthless to you, it is value “to customer”.

So the key to value is: Something that helps customers, not you.  It is about them, not you.

How to add more value to your customer?

Now you know what is value, the next step is to “add value” to your customer, but how?

Once I listened to Jay Abraham course (How to get from where you are to where you want to be, 12 sessions, great course!), I know the answer.

In session 6, Jay said:

Your customer will tell you where you can add value, so ASK THEM.

And suddenly, I found the answer.

Value is not something you “Think” your customers need, it is your customers need.  If you don’t know it, ASK THEM.

You can ask them by:

  1. issuing a survey
  2. call them
  3. Email them and ask: what do you need?

If you don’t have a list to start with, that’s fine.  Frank Kern once run a Facebook ad and drive traffic to an optin page, then after opting in, you will be presented with a SURVEY!  I bet you can do the same thing also.

Ask your customer what do they need, they (and you) have NOTHING to LOSE.

Hope that helps someone.

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