5 Steps To Provide Immense Value to Your Customers and Sell at the same Time By Frank Kern

No matter you are in online or offline business, it is getting harder and harder to have people putting out their credit card and buy from you.  If you are in this situation, here are 5 steps, known as “5 pillars of kindness” that you can use to provide value to your customer database (your list) and selling at the same time by Frank Kern, one of the best Internet marketer and business experts in the world.

Know Their Desired Outcome

The first step is to understand what goals or objectives your prospects want to achieve.  You can find out by understand your market.   The principle is that you can only sell stuff that needs by other people.   Selling crap cannot make you rich but selling stuff that people need can.  Therefore, research your market and find out what they need.

Overcome their skepticism

People are getting more skeptical nowadays.   Because of the Internet, people now know much more than before.   Given such situation, what you need to do is, according to Frank Kern, “Sharpen our coolness” by demonstrating to your prospect that “I can help you”, “I can move you forward”.   One of the ways to do this is by showing how your product or service can help people.  Let them know that you are a real person and you are ready to help them.

You can achieve the same result

The next step is to show that your prospects can achieve the same result as yours.  One of the biggest obstacles people have is “self doubt”.  Given that the product or service is really helpful and you prove to them, people would still think that “you can do it because you are guru” or something like that.  It is the “self doubt” that makes them think “I cannot do it”.  The way to solve this is by showing your stories and past success that people who are successful using this product or service have to your prospects.

Give the tools upfront

Showing to your prospects that “Your stuff work” is vital but not enough.  If you have any tools or techniques that can help your prospects to move towards their goal, give it to them and teach them how to use it.  Since you give them great tools and stuff to work on, they are able to get start without excuse.

Motivate them to go further

The final step is to motivate them to go beyond what they have right now.  After using your technique or tool, your prospects should be able to get some results.  It is time to motivate them by saying something like “You have already achieved some results, which is great.  And I want you to go further by using other tools and techniques that you can get from this product.”.  Then you present your product to your prospects and ask them to buy it.

These are the 5 exact steps that Frank Kern does to build his multi-million dollar business.  These steps are both for online and offline business and, you now have this million dollars techniques that can provide value and sell to your list at the same time.

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