Case Study: How to sell anything with marketing?

Although there is still several months to Mid-Autumn festival, certain hotels and food companies have already planned to launch their marketing campaign to promote their offer.  And in Mid-Autumn festival, one of the main food is moon cake.

In traditional marketing, companies will usually use a TV-commercial and some new taste moon cake to get customers.  However in the following paragraphs, let me help you sell more moon cakes, through using direct marketing principle.

So, here are some proven strategies on how to sell more moon cakes:

  • Make a compelling offer: “Offer” means not just a box of moon cake, but how to bundle a moon cake offer that is simply irresistible.  For example, for 1 box of moon cake, you can buy other Mid-Autumn festival foods in half price, or buying 4 boxes and get 1 free.  This offer should be unique from your competition.  Then you just need to create a landing page that said: Coming Soon!  Brand new moon cake offer that is only for early birds.  Submit your name and email address and be the first one to grab this offer before publicly launch.  Or a new bonus favor of brand new moon cake for free, and collecting responses.
  • Build a list: a list here means a customer database/email list.  This is the list that you will accumulate year after year.  You will be able to send them an offer to that list and get a very low bounce rate.  Why?  Because people in this list are already shown to you that they are interested in your moon cake offer.  So they are simply looking forward to your email!  It is much better than create a marketing campaign and HOPE that something will come, which usually fail.
  • Tell them why your moon cake is different: Although most of the moon cake are created in the same way, you may find surprise to know that not so many people know about it.  By telling them why they should buy your stuff, you start build trust with the people in your list.  You simply tell them: my moon cake is created in this process that ensure high quality.  Here is what you will eat, and the benefit (if any) of buying from you then from others.  It may be a 2 – 3 email sequences, and the last email will send them your irresistible offer and tell them to buy.

One thing to note: some marketing people may find that it is “risky” to send email to their list, because they are “afraid” that they will unsubscribe.  However, it is not a problem, and actually, it is a good thing.  Why?  Because if they are not interested in your offer, they will leave anyway.  It does not matter how you communicate with them.  Keeping a person who won’t buy from you is useless, you will want to get rid of those “non-buyers” as soon as possible.  Then the people remaining in your list is the people who are really interested in your offer and will buy from you.

Hope that will help someone who is marketing a moon cake.  😀

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