Develop the attitude of Networking

Here are some attitudes that make you a successful networker.

  1. Your attitude on Life and Work are very important: Two main attitude on this: “Life is good” and “Life can be better”.  Do not focus just on what you don’t have and say: life is bad.  “Every day is a good way when you are above the ground”.  Think about life this way: If you are here to live, you will certainly be able to find a reason to enjoy it.  Keep saying: life is bad won’t help in any way.  On the other hand, no matter where do you life is, it can be better.  No matter what your financial/relationship/business is, it can be better (and it can be worst too!).  Think of a way to make it better and get better.
  2. Your attitude about circumstance: Key to note: Good thing and bad thing happen to everybody, so the circumstance/the “thing” does not really matter.  The question is: what will you do with that?  The best attitude here: I can learn from this and use it to become even more successful!
  3. Your attitude about yourself: 3 attitudes that you should have to guarantee success as a person:
    • I am a person of value: You are the person who can provide value to other and the whole society
    • I determine my future: As Jim Rohn said: Make up your own plan, or you will fall into other people’s plan. Guess what other people plan on you? Not much. You cannot wait around for someone else to make it happen for you. You also need to set your own plan and become the person who would want to become. Key: if you wait for others to move you along, you will wait your life away. Remember that You determine your future, then do it every day.
    • I can make my dreams happen: If you don’t believe that your dreams are possible, they won’t be. YOU are the key to whether or not your dream comes true!
  4. Your attitude about others: Here are the attitudes that make you success with others:
    • I am here to serve: Ultimate key to success is to have an attitude of services.  The more people you help the greater impact, and income, you will have.  We should not think in a way that people are here to fulfill our wishes/hopes.  Rather we should think about: how I can do in order to help you?
    • I have a responsibility to treat others as I would want to be treated: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  When we treat people poorly, we are being treated poorly also.  It will hurt our business.
    • I need others in order to be successful:  Plain truth: you cannot success without other people.  You are not the only person on earth.  We can determine our own future, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t need others.  They are our helper, our idea contributors, and our customer!  So why do you think that you are alone?  Remember, you are not the only person in the whole world.
  5. Your attitude about networking progress: How you act in the middle of the networking process determine the great degree on how the progress will end up.  Here are some attitudes on this one:
    • No matter what happens I will remain positive: If you have this attitude, the outcome really doesn’t matter.
    • The networking process make me better: We learnt in the middle of the progress.  We grow and become better.
    • Both parties should win: This is Covey’s principle of “win-win”.  Your network should be full of happy people who know they will “win” when they do business with you.

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