How to get your first client?

Most of the time the most difficult step to achieve anything is the first step.  Consider when you were child and learn to walk, the first step is always the most important.  Then the next thing is how to hold a pen and draw things, how to answer your first mathematics questions and so on.

It is the same when comes to business.  We all know that if you don’t have a client, you don’t have a business.  So now the question becomes: how to get your first client?

It is simply by: identifying what people wants, or where are they stucked, and tell them how to fix that, using your knowledge.

Now, to identify what people wants, there are several ways to do so.  Since we are in the Internet age, we can reach different people through the Internet, right?  You simply go to where people always go, like a forum, or social media (facebook, twitter), or doing Pay-Per-Click marketing by finding what people are searching for and place your ad solely for them.  You are going to do similar things for offline business.

When you identify those people, the next step will be to ask them specifically what the problem is, and then tell that person how to fix it.

They will either thank you and do it themselves, or thank you and let you help him.  Either way, you win, provide that your advice is good, solid and works.

Hope that it can help someone who just get started.


Talk soon.

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