List Building – The General Principles

In this article you will discover a 4 steps approach to build your list.  As a marketer, the most valuable asset in the company is their customer list.  This is because they already trust you and buy from you.  You do not need to spend a lot of time and money to tell them why they should buy from you.  And most important of all, the cost of finding a new customer is much higher than the cost of selling to existing customers.  If you give your list what they want and having a good relationship with them, you can make money from your list easily.

Here are the four steps to build a list.

Understand your target audience

Not everyone on the earth is your customer.  If your ad is trying to target every body, your advertising effort will be diluted and did not have any result.  So the first thing is to describe as detail as possible about your ideal customer.  By doing this you will be able to write your message that communicates with those customers effectively.

Provide Valuable Information

The next step is to create a free offer that attracts people to get it by giving you their contact information.  That free offer should be valuable and providing good information.  Ideally, this free stuff should be able to solve the biggest problem that most of the people have in your market.  Then you spend some time and effort to do some research on that topic. After that you write a guide to tell them how to solve that problem in a step-by-step approach.  This report will be given out to your target customer in exchange of their contact information.

Getting Right Traffic

You need to remember that not all traffic sources are equal.  That’s why you need to test different traffic generating methods and find out what works for you.  Among different traffic methods, the most valuable one is probably pay per click.  It is because you can generate traffic very fast and test if your free offer really attracts people.  The drawback is that it will cost a lot of money if you are not doing it right.

Track Your Result

The main objective of tracking is to find out if your current marketing method works as expected or not.  As we said before, not all traffic sources are created equally.  This principle also applies to the leads generated from different sources.  For example, leads from PPC may have higher buying ration that leads coming from banner ads.  If you do not track it, you will miss this important information.  Also it is critical to find out which traffic sources contribute the most leads for you, so that you can put more resources on that traffic source.


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