My New Product Launch Notes

My new program: is nearly completed, only finalized the website.

This is a program I created out of my IT/Programming experience.  My target market is people who are IT executives/managers who does not have much or even no IT experience, and need to manage a group of programmers.

Often time those people are a mess when doing it, then result in project delay, or requirement missing, or both.

This is a 4 videos program, I use Keynotes to record it and put it on the web.

Now I am coming to the place to find affiliates.  First, I search on Google “IT executive blog”, then join Directory of Ezines (DOE), then may later on go to Facebook to drive PPC traffic.

My plan is to go to find affiliate first, as Alex Jeffrey said, then use Facebook PPC traffic to test my website and see if there are any sales.

Once I got a good result, let’s see if I can do any solo ads on DOE.

That’s it for now.

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