SEO Marketing Proof

Here I would like to demonstrate the result of my recent SEO works:

First, keyword: hong kong marketing consultant.  It dominates top 4 results of the first page!

hong kong marketing consultant

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Second one: marketing hong kong: #1 result in Google out of 200 millions result!

marketing hong kong

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Third, keyword: marketing plan hong kong.  It dominates 3 spots on Google page 1 result (#1, #2 and #4)


marketing plan hong kong

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Final one: marketing strategies: This is a very competitive keyword, and the website got #9 in Google page 1!


marketing strategies

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I achieve these results in roughly 2 – 3 weeks.  However, optimizing for such result required continuous effort.  That means, if you stop optimizing your website for a period, other website will take the spot from you.

If I can achieve the same result for you and get customers by using your website, would you be interested?  If your answer is yes, drop me a message and we can do the same thing for you.

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