Why people want to become a business man/entrepreneur?

Generally speaking, there are two reasons why people want to have their own business:

1. They “Want” to: they saw other people who have a “success” of having their own business, so they found other liked-mind people to form a small group, and start creating something.

2. They “Need” to: for some reasons they may not be able to get a job around their living places, all they can do is to find something, or creating something in their home, and then sell it.  For example, a farmer may grow vegetables so that they can both feed themselves and sell for money.

In other words, it is the mindset that matters: the first one is an active one, they do it for something (money, reputation etc), the second one is passive one (sell or die).

Luckily in Hong Kong, if you have skills, you can become a “tool” for somebody, and earn a living.  But if you don’t want to be a “tool” for other people in your whole life, you have to have your mindset prepared so that, you are not using your “worker” mindset to do business.

It’s like you cannot using your bicycle skill to ride a bike, but you need bike skill to ride a bike.

So how to get your mindset ready?  It is simple, you simply find people who have that mindset and get along with them!

And here is a great opportunity for you to find those people.

In this program, you are going to meet a lot of people who have great mind on business.  This will certainly broaden your horizon on how to do business and how to contribute to the world.

The above link is an affiliate link, which means that if you buy from the website, I will get a commission.  However, I still want you to take a look at it and see the video.  If you choose to buy it, that’s great, if you don’t, that’s just fine.

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